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Count Down to Xmas Early~

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

You may have already read about shipping delays as we head into the holiday season (or discovered it when you couldn't find your kids' Lunchables at Target...). We wanted to help you get ahead of the game, so we'll be posting Christmas deals early so you have time to order & receive. We decided to start with advent calendars, since those traditionally sell out quickly anyway. Please comment below with what you like or what you'd like us to focus on next as we blog our way to Christmas!

My kids' all-time favorite Advent-- Harry Potter! They played & played with it after they put it all together.

Hot Wheels Advent! Marked down~

What a fun, non-candy advent calendar-- a charm bracelet! On sale right now, too~

Lego Friends! Under $30

Godiva Advent Calendar!! So much better than that really cheap chocolate in the ones I usually get at the grocery store :) Marked down to $28 with code VIP

Another chocolate one-- Cadbury! This is a 2-pack, too, so really a great deal.

One last fancy one-- treat yourself!! I got one of these beauty advent calendars a couple of years ago & discovered some of my favorite products in here! Well worth the price (& right now you can save 15% with code VIP)

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