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Family fun with Mall Madness

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Get ready for some SERIOUS happy memories. Look what they’ve reissued!

It’s Mall Madness!

Santa brought this & Ginny knew she’d love it even though she’d never played it before.

I knew she’d love it because I made my friend Jackie play it with me every time I went over her house in 5th grade.

Christmas night, we started to set it up, & I had to start dinner before we could play. Ginny proclaimed that she wasn’t sure she needed to play because it was just so fun to set up! What’s really funny is that I remember sometimes just setting it up at Jackie’s house & not really playing. It felt so fun to wander the pretend mall all by ourselves.

Ginny & I did end up playing several times now. It’s definitely modernized-- you use a debit card to go to the ATM & swipe the card to buy things. Sometimes, the little mechanical voice will tell you that the item is sold out, so that adds an element of surprise to the game. The sales keep changing too (we could use Coupons, Codes, & Killer Deals when we shop! :) )

My overall review of the game-- A! It gives us an opportunity to talk about shopping/budgeting strategies (we try to go the the places having sales & buy the more affordable things so we’ll have money left at the end of the game). It allows me to get a little shopping thrill without spending any actual money. Most importantly, it’s a way for us to spend time together that entertains us both! I highly recommend Mall Madness!

~Cynthia is a blogger at Beyond Mom Jeans

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