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FREE beverages from Panera until July 4th!!!

Panera is changing the game with their new drink subscription plan!

The chain just announced a new subscription service that allows customers to pay a flat monthly fee of $10.99 in exchange for all the self-serve beverages they can drink.

Unlike Panera's coffee subscription which offers unlimited coffee and tea beverages for under $10 a month, the Unlimited Sip Club applies to 26 different self-serve beverages, including hot and iced tea, hot and iced coffee, Pepsi-Cola fountain beverages and more. This includes their new flavors of lemonade!

Members of the free MyPanera loyalty program are eligible to sign up for the Unlimited Sip Club, and can try the service for free until July 4 if they sign up between April 19 and May 6. Afterwards, they’ll have the option to continue for a monthly fee or cancel the subscription.

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