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Need a New Book But Don't Want to Get off the Couch?

Amazon offers FREE digital books-- & there are lots of GOOD ones available!

I got into using my Kindle during Covid, & even though libraries are open again & I don't live too far from bookstores, I do find myself using it. It's just so convenient, & I find they're almost always cheaper than paperback. I prefer the feel of paperbacks, but sometimes it just makes more sense to get digital, especially when it's FREE! Here are some great options if you have Prime membership:

An Innocent Client has amazing reviews. It's a legal thriller & the first in a series of 9, so you can stay plenty busy if it hooks you.

I just added Write My Name Across the Sky to my Kindle-- sounds really good, & also has great reviews. I don't know why, but I'm always into art forgery stories... & I can't wait to find out what the life of a 70-something influencer is like :)

42,000 good reviews! Why haven't I heard of These Tangled Vines? Please comment if you've read it!

For more options, click here, & happy reading!

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