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The Best Way to Spend 95 Cents

When you find a product that three members of your family use in three distinct ways AND it costs less than a dollar, you must share!

We all know the magic of Target-- you go in for milk and socks, & you come out having spent $100. These things just happen. Well on one of those Target runs, I grabbed a can of this shaving cream because, well, who doesn't want to try shaving cream that promises it smells like summer?

Here's the good news: it smells like summer. Really! Moreover, it gives a nice shave- my legs don't get dry & I don't knick. Moreover-moreover, I would have spent more at the Dollar Tree. Needless to say, I bought it again when I ran out.

And then I ran out like two days later. My daughter wanted to make slime, and the recipe we usually use calls for shaving cream (for lots more kids' stuff, make sure to follow us on Pinterest). There went a can.

I started buying two cans at a time, & that worked for a bit, until a day when my son wanted to play in the tub but was tired of his regular toys, & I'd forgotten to buy the Crayola color tablets that spice up a tubby time. In a pinch, I offered him a can and told him he could write letters in the foam on the shower wall. There went a can. He LOVES it.

I now buy 5 cans at a time. I sometimes wonder how hairy the cashiers assume I am.... but it's so worth it to me for the kids to have fun, & those cans are affordable creativity tools! Make sure you have a Red Card (debit or credit) to save that 5 %, & it's not uncommon for

Target Circle to offer an additional discount. Great tool to have in your parenting arsenal... oh yeah, & you can shave with it.

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