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Where to Find Legos that Won't Hurt Your Wallet

No promise about how they'll make the bottom of your feet feel, though...

Legos have been hugely popular with kids forever, & parents are happy to watch their kids build with their own hands... & Lego knows we all love them & price things accordingly. ..

This year, we're facing the additional challenge of shipping delays. Lego is predicted to be one of the products that will be hard to get this Christmas, so we figured we'd help you find your Lego deals early this year!

~~ Just remember, prices can change at any time, as can availability. Make sure you're getting notification from our FB group so you'll get all the most recent deals!

This set (from Amazon) is a great way to start a child off or to allow advanced Lego-artists to stretch their creative muscles~

Here's a larger sized Harry Potter set- keep 'em busy all Christmas break! :) - that's still on the affordable side (ie- not a 3-digit price tag!). Also from Amazon~

Lego Friends are a really popular collection. My daughter enjoyed this set & it's reasonably priced at Target-- under $20~~

Great markdown at Amazon on this big Star Wars set as of post time!

Another Star Wars set with a smaller price tag, also marked down as of post time.

If you're worried about getting a child a set they already have, you might be safer looking at the Target Exclusive sets-- they include Star Wars, Harry Potter, & Friends sets.

If your favorite kid has a really specific set in mind, & you have trouble finding it at the discount stores, there's always the Lego site itself!

Bonus: NOT Lego brand, but a perfect little gift for the builder in your life :)

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13 oct 2021

This post is perfect thank for putting it together so nicely. I'll be checking these sets out.

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